INNOBETON 21 takes 1-2 hours to start hardening. You can continue working with it within this time period after hydration. The polymer fabric building material completely hardens in 24–48 hours

Wait for the material to harden

Hydration is carried out by spraying water on the concrete roll surface or by immersing the polymer fabric building material in water

Apply water

Individual concrete rolls can be attached to each other on the 10cm overlap in various ways: with bolts, self-tapping screws, adhesive sealant, or mortar

Attach the materials to each other

To fixate the concrete polymer fabric building material to a surface (for example, on the ground), either conventional anchors or steel spears with caps are suitable

Attach the material to the surface

Depending on how you choose your concrete polymer fabric building material to be delivered, rolls can be rolled out manually or using a crossbar. Individual materials should be laid to overlap in order to be attached to each other

Roll out and Install

Only required when appropriate. One of the benefits of the canvas is that it can be laid even on an unprepared surface. Due to its flexibility, it fits tightly to all irregularities and smoothens out uneven surfaces.

Prepare the surface

[ Installation steps ]

Installation procedure includes six steps

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